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Blue Knights PA IV: A Proud Chapter of Law Enforcement Motorcyclists

Blue Knights PA IV: A Proud Chapter of Law Enforcement Motorcyclists
Welcome to Blue Knights PA IV, a dedicated chapter of the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club based in Pennsylvania. Our members proudly represent current and retired law enforcement officers who share a passion for motorcycling and a commitment to serving our communities. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to our chapter’s history, leadership, and goals.
Blue Knights PA IV was established with the aim of bringing together law enforcement professionals in Pennsylvania who share a love for motorcycles.

Since its inception, our chapter has grown significantly, now boasting a diverse membership that includes officers from various agencies across the state. Throughout the years, we have taken part in numerous rides, charity events, and social gatherings, always staying true to our mission of promoting camaraderie and brotherhood among our members.

Our chapter is led by a committed team of experienced law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to organize events, manage club affairs, and foster a welcoming atmosphere for all members. Our current leadership includes:
1. President: Ivan Dorta – Corrections Officer, Berks County Prison
2. Vice President: Christopher Katkowski – Corrections Officer, Berks County Prison
3. Secretary: Paul Bird – Corrections Officer, Berks County
4. Treasurer: David Pagerly
5. Sergeant At Arms: Tony Torres – Retired Corrections Officer, Berks County Prison
Blue Knights PA IV is dedicated to achieving the following goals:
1. Foster camaraderie and brotherhood among our members through organized rides, social events, and charity initiatives.
2. Promote a positive image of law enforcement officers in our local communities.
3. Support charitable causes that align with our values, such as providing assistance to fallen officers’ families, contributing to children’s hospitals, and participating in community outreach programs.
4. Advocate for motorcycle safety and awareness by sharing valuable tips, best practices, and educational resources among our members and the wider motorcycling community.
5. Collaborate with other Blue Knights chapters, both locally and internationally, to strengthen our network and support each other’s efforts in promoting the values of the Blue Knights organization.
Blue Knights PA IV is a proud chapter of the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, with a rich history and a bright future. Our members come together to share their love for motorcycling, support charitable causes, and promote the positive impact of law enforcement in our communities. We welcome new members who are current or retired law enforcement officers and share our passion for riding and serving our communities.
Stay tuned for more updates on our rides, events, and initiatives, and feel free to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about Blue Knights PA IV or becoming a member. Ride with pride!

Ivan Dorta Voted as New Club President for PA IV

Proud to be voted President of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club PA IV in 2022.

Look forward to many years helping those in need and Support Causes of many kinds.

God Bless all the Families of those in Blue.

Ivan Dorta
Blue Knights PaIV


2021 Board Members

Your 2021 board members are:

John Phillips – President

Ivan Dorta – Vice- President

David Pagerly – Treasurer

Paul Bird – Secretary

David Seidel – Director

Greg Kushman – Director

Luis Gonzalez – Director

Tony Torres – Sgt at Arms

    As Always,

“Ride With Pride”

First Responder’s Appreciation day with the Reading Phils

2018 First Responder Appreciation Day with the Reading Fightins!!!

With special Pre-Game Concert event with Heaven’s Thunder Band!!! Music from the Heaven’s Thunder Band starts at 4PM !!!

We will again have 5,000 pre-paid tickets for our area First Responders and their families. Tickets will be available on a “first come/first served” basis after April 1st by going to the link on the Thunder Outreach web site www.ThunderOutreach.com

SAVE THE DATE!!! Sunday July 22, 2018!!!

First Responder Appreciation day at the ball park wil be even BIGGER than before!!!

Thin Blue Line Hero’s Ride set for June 23- 2018, See our Club Events for more info

SAVE THE DATE June 23 at 10 am !!!!!! Please come join the Pagerly and Wertz families as we honor our hero’s, Deputy Kyle Pagerly and Officer Scott Wertz, for the 2nd Annual Thin Blue Line Hero’s Ride. Motorcycles, cars and non-participants are all welcome. Ride will end at Klingers at the Airport for some great food, raffles and music. Tee shirts will be available with pre registration.

$25.00 if registered by 6/1/2018 (shirt guaranteed)
$30.00 after deadline (shirts if available)
$15.00 food only (no ride)

Registrations will be made available soon.
Any questions, please e-mail:

We will have 300 tickets for the areas BEST Chicken bake on June

New date !!!  coming soon!!
We have 250 tickets for the areas BEST Chicken bake !!!
You get 1/2 Chicken, Baked Potato, Corn, Roll-Butter, Apple Sauce & Drink all for just $10.00

It was AWESOME last year and we sold out !!!
Let’s do it again !!!

Please contact us for tickets, because when they go, they go quick!

Thank you in advance for your support of our local Police Officers and their charity events programs!


Special Thank you to Philly Spy Shop

We would like to Thank Victor for the donated Home Security System.

Check out all their great stuff at www.phillyspyshop.com

logo2 Philly Spy Shop


Sunday Morning Thunder Church Service and Bike Blessings

Just added !! Sunday Morning Thunder church service and Bike Blessing at 9 am with our chapter Chaplain Mark Malizzi and his Christian Rock music team called Heaven’s Thunder !